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March 2023

Deana appears as a feautred extra in Paramount+ series The Killing Kind starring Emma Appleton and Colin Morgan.

March 2023

Deana is cast as the voice of the new Welsh government Eco4 scheme adverts.

February 2023

Deana was hired to model for the relaunch of Hawaiian Tropic's products for 2023.

February 2023

Deana wrapped shooting of short film Bill. Deana stars in the project opposite Yianni Sines.

January 2023

Deana was offered a place with a considerable merit scholarship to attend The New School in New York City as an MFA Contemporary Theatre and Performance student in a cohort of just 16.

November 2022

Deana entered pre-production for short film Bill in which she will star. The film has attached Emily Dhue as director and Samuel Perry-Falvey as DP.

September 2022

Deana was hired by ACX, Audible, and All She Wrote Productions to narrate Virginia Routh Lynch's The Cloak

September 2022

Short film TRANSPLANT receives a glowing review from Think Shorts, highlighting Deana's "exceptional performance from the get-go that will keep viewers engaged and entertained"

August 2022

Deana was hired by Red Apple Creative and author Alice Oseman to voice protagonist Angel in the audiobook of
 I Was Born For This.


June 2022

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Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 7.32.05 PM.png
Deana was hired by director Moritz von Stuelpnagel to act as assistant director for acclaimed playwright Theresa Rebeck's new play Mad House, starring David Harbour and Bill Pullman, at the Ambassador's Theatre on London's West End.

June 2022

Having worked on this script since October 2021, Deana and the team at Bad Behavior Lab collaborated with photographer, director, and playwright Hunter Carrico to bring new play Horrors of the Heart to life in a developmental reading series.

March 2022

Deana records Victoria's Pandemonium, by Crystal Lyn, with ACX and Audible.

February 2022

Deana was hired by online education app Lucid to record an internal promotional video for the brand.

January 2022

Deana wrote and starred in Bubble Girl, directed by J. Kiernan O'Brien.

January 2022

Deana was offered a private consultation with a Penguin Random House producer.

December 2021

Deana was interviewed by Edward Sylvan at Medium's Authority Magazine as a part of their Rising Stars in TV and Film series. 
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November 2021

Award-winning short film TRANSPLANT received a review from UK Film Review in which Deana's portrayal of Mahasti whose "inability to place herself is a battle even she does not seem to know she is fighting, and the impact on her [was] well-portrayed by Taheri."​

August/September 2021

Deana starred as pop-punk lead singer Janet Pluto in Space Fish Productions' debut web series Piss Party, due for release early 2022

July 2021

Deana produced, and took on the role of Beatrice in Bad Behavior Lab's debut stage production of original play The Inferno, by Dante at The Tank.
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July 2021

Deana was the executive producer of J. Kiernan O'Brien's award-winning short film adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper.
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June 2021

Deana was cast in Space Fish Productions' upcoming webseries Piss Party, telling the entirely fictionalised story of the East Village’s most famous pop punk band and the lengths their manager will go to get them back together post-break up. 
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May 2021

Deana was invited by Tony-nominated director, Moritz von Stuelpnagel, to take part in a reading of critically acclaimed playwright Theresa Rebeck's upcoming play starring Danny DeVito, Lucy DeVito, and Keith Randolph Smith.

May 2021

Short film TRANSPLANTwritten by and starring Deana won a total of six festival titles, along with multiple nominations.

April 2021

Deana narrated Crystal Lyn's second book, Victoria's Highway: Taking the Long Way Home, on Audible.
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April 2021

Deana starred in the role of Annie in Space Fish Productions' premiere film Blitzpremiere

April 2021

Deana performed in original play Little Hidden Worlds, at the 2021 POV Festival held at SUNY Purchase.

March 2021

Deana dove into the production of her self written short film, TRANSPLANT, in which she starred, and produce. 

March 2021

Deana's short sketch was featured in Bad Behavior Lab's debut event in their "Go To Your Room!" series, and also performed in original play Peanut Butter, directed by Leah Reddy.

February 2021

Deana was hired by Penguin Random House to perform a section of Helen Oyeyemi's novel, Peaces.

February 2021

Deana was hired by Audible, and author Crystal Lyn, to be the voice of her upcoming audiobook Victoria's Highway

January 2021

Deana was hired by Space Fish Productions to star in their upcoming short film, Blitz, as well as to cast the remaining roles.

December 2020

Alongside close collaborators from New York University, Deana co-founded Bad Behavior Lab: dedicated to creating and supporting works from multi-hyphenate artists.

August 2020

Deana is announced to be a finalist of the Warner Brothers TV "Actors in Training" open call, where "a select group of applicants will be invited to submit auditions and meet with [the] TV casting executives".

July 2020

Deana is signed by Zach Copeland at British American Talent, a management firm based in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

June 2020

Deana appeared in a social media and online advertisement for company Your Film Poster.

May 2020

Deana accepted an internship position with Laura Stanczyk Casting

May 2020

Deana graduated with a BFA in Drama from New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

March 2020

Deana co-wrote and co-starred in short film Guy B Good at Stonestreet Studios, directed by Alex Berg.
Mom's Club.JPG

February 2020

Deana was hired as a casting intern at Billy Hopkins Casting. She worked on the casting of CBS pilot “Ways and Means”, starring Patrick Dempsey, in addition to the spinoff of POWER for Starz, tiled POWER BOOK II: GHOST. Deana worked with casting directors Billy Hopkins, Michael D'Amato, and Ashley Ingram.

December 2019

Deana wrote, directed, shot, and edited her first short film, titled Mom's Club, starring Deana Taheri, Bethlehem Million, Morgan Warren, Becca Stein, and Maddie Jewell.
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November 2019

Deana appeared in the role of The Tooth Fairy in a production of God's Ear at Playwrights Horizons Theatre School.

October 2019

Deana was hired by Tony-nominated director Moritz von Stupenagel to act in a staged reading of Emily Chadick Weiss's new play 2051, with Tony-nominated actor Steven Boyer.

August 2019

Deana attended Fresh Ground Pepper theatre company's annual artistic retreat as an artistic apprentice, culminating in the development and performance of a new short play in which she wrote and performed alongside four fellow apprentices.

July 2019

Deana was hired as an audition monitor for MultiStages for the casting of Desi Moreno-Penson's new play Ominous Men.
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June 2019

Deana was hired by casting director Ann Goulder as a casting assistant for the casting of Peter Callahan's indie film Out and About.
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May 2019

Deana was cast in the role of Jackie Bowers in Trish Harnetiaux's new play We Are Not Well.
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