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November 2021

Award winning short film TRANSPLANT received a review from UK Film Review in which Deana's portrayal of Mahasti whose "inability to place herself is a battle even she does not seem to know she is fighting, and the impact on her is well-portrayed by Taheri."​

"Transplant takes audiences on a metaphorical and metaphysical tour of multi-culturalism and the challenges of belonging, led by its English-Iranian writer and star Deana Taheri and director Vanessa Vivas."

"Coming to terms with different homelands and heritages, and therefore coming to terms with yourself, is at the film’s heart – and these techniques relay this brilliantly."

October 2021

Deana was signed by international agency, Models Direct, who will work with her wherever she is.

October 2021

Deana worked again with author Crystal Lyn towards the release of a teaser for the third book in the Victoria's Highway series, Victoria's Pandemonium.

September 2021 

Deana and Space Fish Productions shot the remainder of Piss Party's first season, due to be available on YouTube later this year.

August 2021 

Deana received the news that her O1 artist visa application had been approved, meaning that upon the issuance of the visa she is eligible to work as an actor in any capacity for the next three years with unlimited renewals!

Deana and Space Fish Productions shot the pilot episode of their upcoming webseries Piss Party.

July 2021 

Deana performed in the role of Beatrice in Julia Di Lorenzo's stage adaptation of Dante's Inferno: The Inferno, by Dante at The Tank. She was also the producer of the project.

Deana was the executive producer of J. Kiernan O’Brien’s short film adaptation of The Yellow Wallpaper which is just embarking its journey on the film festival circuit.

June 2021 

Deana was cast in Space Fish Productions' upcoming webseries Piss Partytelling the entirely fictionalised story of the East Village’s most famous pop punk band and the lengths their manager will go to get them back together post-break up. 

May 2021

Deana was invited by Tony nominated director, Moritz von Stupenagel, to take part in a reading of critically acclaimed playwright Theresa Rebeck's upcoming play starring Danny DeVito and Lucy DeVito.

Deana's short film TRANSPLANT  received a plethora of awards and selections from film festivals around the world.

April 2021

Deana narrated Crystal Lyn's second book, Victoria's Highway: Taking the Long Way Home, on Audible.

Deana starred in the role of Annie in Space Fish Productions' premiere film BLITZand was also cast in their upcoming webseries Piss Party. 

March 2021

Deana was hired to perform in original play Little Hidden Worlds, to premiere at the 2021 POV Festival held at SUNY Purchase.


Deana dove into production of her self written short film, TRANSPLANT, in which she starred, and produce. TRANSPLANT is a short film interrogating what it means to belong as a person who cannot define themselves by one single culture or way of life. Featuring a team of almost entirely international people, Transplant gives a voice to an experience that is not often discussed in a narrative format, and works to assign a physical description to the goods and bads of being constantly uprooted. The film will feature footage from across the world, something that is wonderfully accessible to me as someone with connections from around the world, including NYC, England, Panama, and Qatar.


Deana's short sketch was featured in Bad Behavior Lab's debut event in their "Go To Your Room!" series, and also performed in original play Peanut Butter, by Julia Di Lorenzo and directed by Leah Reddy, debuting on the same platform.


February 2021

Deana was hired by Penguin Random House to perform a section of Helen Oyeyemi's novel, Peaces.


Deana was hired by Audible, and author Crystal Lyn, to be the voice of her upcoming audiobook Victoria's Highway. She was also asked to produce the sequel, Victoria's Highway: Taking the Long Way Home.


January 2021

Deana was asked to contribute her knowledge of casting to the Stonestreet Studios blog.


Deana was hired by Space Fish Productions to star in their upcoming short film, BLITZ, as well as to cast the remaining roles.


December 2020

Deana, along with her friend and collaborator Julia Di Lorenzo, founded Bad Behavior Lab, and began work on original play The Inferno, by Dante.


November 2020

Deana is featured asking a question to Oscar winning actor, Matthew McConaughey, on Red Table Talks.


October 2020

Deana was featured on 2020 in your 20's first episode, Making Lemonade, which is a new live show about coming in to your own when the world is on fire!! 

September 2020

Deana is employed by Radish Films LLC to cast their short film Cook  or Die


August 2020

Deana is announced to be a finalist of the Warner Brothers TV "Actors in Training" open call, where "a select group of applicants will be invited to submit auditions and meet with [the] TV casting executives".


"Congratulations! You are a FINALIST for Warner Bros Television’s Actors in Training program.

We sincerely appreciate your patience as we’ve reviewed many thousands of auditions from all across the world. 

You are now part of a select group of actors who have made it to the final round. 

We have loved watching your auditions and are so inspired by your talent, passion and perseverance. 

We will be in touch soon with next steps.


Well done!

The WBTV Casting Department"


July 2020

Deana is signed by Zach Copeland at British American Talent, a management firm based in New York, Los Angeles, and London.


"We represent a roster of both established and up-and-coming British talent, as well as select international and American actors. British American also represents top industry writers, producers, and directors. We are a highly selective firm and are constantly looking to recruit the top British talent. We are dedicated to giving specialized attention and care to each individual we represent."


June 2020

Deana appeared in a social media and online advertisement for company Your Film Poster.


May 2020

Deana accepted an internship position with Laura Stanczyk Casting, appeared in a remotely directed film with Stonestreet Studios, and graduated from New York University, Tisch, with a BFA in Drama.


April 2020

Deana's OPT visa application was approved, making her eligible to work professionally on June 1st!

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Deana is writing and shooting sketches and long-form work, in hopes to spend her time in quarantine creating new and exciting work.


March 2020

Deana co-wrote and co-starred in short film Guy B Good at Stonestreet Studios, directed by Alex Berg.


February 2020

Deana was hired as a casting intern at Billy Hopkins Casting. She worked on the casting of CBS pilot “Ways and Means”, starring Patrick Dempsey, in addition to the spinoff of POWER for Starz, tiled POWER BOOK II: GHOST. Deana worked with casting directors Billy Hopkins, Michael D'Amato, and Ashley Ingram.


December 2019

Deana wrote, directed, shot, and edited her first short film, titled Mom's Club, which she also acted in!


November 2019

Deana appeared in the role of The Tooth Fairy in a production of God's Ear at Playwrights Horizons Theatre School.


October 2019

Deana was hired by Tony-nominated director Moritz von Stupenagel to act in a staged reading of Emily Chadick Weiss's new play 2051, with Tony-nominated actor Steven Boyer.


August 2019

Deana attended Fresh Ground Pepper theatre company's annual artistic retreat as an artistic apprentice, culminating in the development and performance of a new short play in which she wrote and performed alongside four fellow apprentices.


July 2019

Deana was hired as an audition monitor for MultiStages for the casting of Desi Moreno-Penson's new play Ominous Men.


June 2019

Deana was hired by casting director Ann Goulder as a casting assistant for the casting of Peter Callahan's indie film Out and About.


May 2019

Deana was cast in the role of Jackie Bowers in Trish Harnetiaux's new play We Are Not Well.


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